Celebrating College Savings Month with NEST 529

September 22, 2020

Author: Nebraska State Treasurer

As a father, it’s important to me that my daughter is able to achieve her hopes and dreams no matter where they lead her. Whether she chooses the path of a teacher, a businesswoman, a lawyer or beyond, I want her to know the sky is the limit, and that her aspirations will not be inhibited by the financial burdens of higher education. This September we celebrate College Savings Month, an important awareness month dedicated to helping families and their loved ones ensure a student debt-free future.

With the rising price tag of higher education, I realize my dreams for my daughter will not be easy. However, I want every family to share my hope and know that this dream can made a reality for their children – with the proper financial planning and preparation. So, how can families get started?

The best first step is to create a strategic plan, and open up a NEST 529 College Savings Plan account – with the many benefits, it is one of the best ways to save consistently and efficiently for college. For those who already have opened one and are making regular contributions, I salute you!

However, once you have done so, the work doesn’t stop there. Make sure to regularly increase your contributions, apply for NEST 529 scholarships, put any additional savings into your account on a regular basis, and encourage friends and family to participate along the way. Be a savvy consumer and stay informed about the best practices and tips to ensure a more seamless savings process through resources such as our blog and reputable consumer finance news websites.

I am filled with excitement as I think about my daughter’s future as well as the bright futures of all of the scholars in the NEST 529 community, and I can’t wait to celebrate all the wonderful milestones along the way. As we wrap up College Savings Month, I encourage all families to re-evaluate their current plans in place, and explore what enhancements can be made to improve your college savings strategy on a daily, monthly and yearly basis to create better futures for our loved ones.

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