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A 529 plan is an excellent way to save for college that also offers tax advantages and plenty of flexibility.

Open an Account about It only takes 10 minutes.

Getting started is easy.

Complete these five easy steps to enroll in your own NEST Direct Plan account.

  1. Read through the Color Booklet and Program Disclosure Statement.

  2. Choose the Investment Option that matches your comfort level.

  3. Prepare information from you and your beneficiary.

    1. Street address and contact information.
    2. Social Security or taxpayer I.D. number.
    3. Birth date.
    4. Your bank routing and account number (to pre-schedule contributions from your bank account).
  4. Enroll Online

  5. Review your New Account Confirmation Letter and contact us with any questions.

Congratulations! You’ve taken an enormous step toward saving for a higher education. We can’t wait to support you as you pursue your college savings dreams.