Meet Nester

The official fine-feathered mascot for NEST 529 College Savings Plans.

Nester in costume.

About our favorite flying friend.

After hatching on the branch of an enormous Nebraska Cottonwood tree, it didn’t take Nester long to realize how much he loved helping others. It’s why he’s so excited to take on the role of our mascot and help us spread the word about the importance of saving for education. Even though he’s still young, Nester dreams big — and because your little loved ones do too, planning ahead is the best way to help them soar toward a bright future.

Keep a bird’s eye out for Nester.

Nester and the Saltdogs mascot.

Lincoln Saltdogs Baseball Games

We’re big fans of Lincoln’s minor league baseball team. And as it turns out, Nester is too! Come to a Saltdogs game on one of these dates and you can interact with Nester in person. He loves taking pictures, so don’t be shy about asking.

  • Wednesday, May 29
  • Sunday, June 9
  • Friday, July 12

Boo at the Zoo

We had so much fun visiting with everyone who attended Boo at the Zoo! Nester and the NEST 529 candy crew hope to see you again at next year’s events!

Nester with a map of Nebraska.

Nebraska Passport Tour Stops

In 2023, the Nebraska Passport Program’s “Creature Comforters” tour involved stops that are passionate about wildlife conservation. NEST 529 was a proud sponsor of this event, because whether you’re saving for education or saving animals by learning how to care for and protect them, taking steps to prepare makes a big difference. We hope you were able to enjoy some of Nebraska’s treasures this summer!

Download a free activity sheet.

Pages of activity sheets.

From navigating mazes to charting out a budget, these activity sheets are great for the younger kids in your life. Print a copy or two off for a fun way to introduce your kids to topics like saving, budgeting, and thinking about their future. A few of the activities include:

  • Word Searches
  • Drawing Activities
  • Connect the Dots
Download now! A free activity sheet

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