Winners Dream Big for the Future

March 31, 2022

In 2021, NEST 529 celebrated its 20th anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, families entered their children to win prizes through the 20 Days of Giveaways sweepstakes. Prizes ranged from annual zoo memberships to a $529 NEST account contribution.

Since 2001, the NEST 529 Program has helped families open more than 296,000 accounts and save more than $7.1 billion in assets to help children achieve their dreams.

Five-year-old Carter Olsen from Battle Creek, Nebraska, and 12-year-old Henry Wichman from Lincoln, Nebraska, were the two lucky winners of a $529 contribution to their NEST account.

Carter Olsen

Currently in Pre-K at Battle Creek Elementary School, Carter’s favorite thing is learning how to read. Even at a young age, Carter wants to help those around him and become a police officer when he grows up.

Carter’s parents recognize the importance of saving with a NEST 529 account for all their children, and work to consistently contribute each month to help the funds grow. Jill Olsen, Carter’s mother, is excited for the added boost to Carter’s account, especially knowing he has big dreams to soar to when he goes to college.

“We have the power to invest this, and with Carter being only five, the impact in the investment by the time he’s in college will be the biggest influence on his future,” Jill said.

Jill has first-hand experience of the financial burden college can have on someone. “I went to college, but I didn’t have any money helping me pay for it, so that’s part of why I started 529 accounts for my kids. Otherwise, college can lead to a lot of debt,” she said.

Henry Wichman

Currently in sixth grade, Henry loves learning about World War II and the Cold War. He also enjoys looking at different building styles and techniques. With such a deep-rooted interest in history and architecture, Henry hopes to become either a historian or an architect.

Courteney Wichman, Henry’s mother, has been contributing to both of her sons’ NEST 529 accounts. “It’s nice to contribute tax-free,” she said. “Once you put it away, you don’t think about it, but it’s there when you need it.”

Henry is thankful for the NEST contribution, and his parent’s financial dedication to making his aspirations possible. “Now I have the chance to do what I want to, and get a good job,” he said.

It’s never to late to start saving

Planning, preparing, and saving for a child’s future can be hard. You can reduce the burden of college loans tomorrow by giving your money more time to grow. And it’s never too late to start saving.

With the rising price tag of higher education, taking advantage of a NEST 529 account can help families put their loved ones on track to soar toward their goals. NEST 529 accounts have multiple investment options. Discover how you can maximize your investment.

Year-round, the NEST 529 College Savings Plan offers multiple scholarships and contests to help your loved one’s education take flight. Looking to the future, NEST 529 is excited to continue growing and engaging with the young minds of tomorrow.

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