Prices & Performance

Monthly Static
Static as of June 30, 2024APYYTD Returns at NAV as of 6/30/2024Average Annual Total Returnsas of 6/30/2024Expense RatioFootnote 1Inception Date
1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 YrsSince InceptionFootnote 4
Static Portfolios
All Equity Static-9.12%17.88%4.52%10.58%-9.57%0.29%7/20/18
Growth Static-7.26%15.07%3.21%8.70%8.08%8.98%0.29%12/17/10
Balanced Static-4.61%10.96%1.31%5.57%-5.60%0.27%7/20/18
Conservative Static-2.31%6.95%0.29%2.91%3.18%3.73%0.23%12/17/10
Bank Savings StaticFootnote 25.53%2.71%5.55%3.26%2.29%1.49%1.29%0.10%10/17/11

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